1977 ? Dimenzió (László Dés, Gábor Becze, István Baló, founder-denominator)
1983 ? Extra Dry (orchestra leader)
1989 ? Slang (Ferenc Muck, Tamás Tóth, János Solti)
1984 ? Rátonyi-Gadó Duo, Bontovics Band, Pege Band, Deseõ Band, Friedrich Band, Things, (Tony Lakatos, Attila László, Béla Lattman, Kornél Horváth, János Solti).
From 1991 Joy (G. Gadó, E. Balázs, P. Vasvári), Jazz GT (Ferenc Muck, Ferenc Szabó, ?Samu? Tibor Fekete). Rátonyi Trio and Quartet with former and now playing partners: Mihály Dresch, Gyula Csepregi, Péter Csiszár, Tamás Tóth, Béla Lattman. Attila Darvas, Balázs Berkes, ?Pecek? Géza Lakatos, Gyula Tóth and Péter Szendõffi. Csepregi- Rátonyi Duo.

He has been the member of the Hungarian Radio Studio 11 orchestra since 1994. He regularly works for the Hungarian Radio (Radiocabaret, radio productions and live concerts).

Between 1988 and 1991 he took part in the recordings of 12 jazz records, including his own (Slang) record called ?Ab Ovo?.

In 1991, he was invited with guitarist Gábor Gadó to the Pori Jazz Festival, where EBU made a recording of their concert. Their concert performed at the Debrecen Jazz Festival was broadcast several times by the Washington VOA station in the radio programme called Jazz Hour.

Since 2001, Rátonyi Trio and Quartet, the Muckshow Band, the Diva Super Show, Orosz Zoltán Orchestra and the Csepregi Band.

2006-Csepregi-Rátonyi Duo

2009-E.K.Avenue Band