Mine has never been operated without the filter and still the pilot plugged up. Part # 15155 For Mr. Heater MH4B Buddy Heaters If you are unsure, please contact us us with your model and serial number and we will be happy to help. Run 2 inches down to bottom of pilot tube & twist around. Don’t know if he is wrong or right, or even if it’s possible to get debris, rust etc…. Jim asked on 2019-11-26. Works much better now, but when first started and cold it has shut down a few times. Very inconsistent. After pilot is lit, keep control knob depressed for 30-60 seconds. Using hose (replace it?) This is from the internet, so it must be true, lol! cylinder and is the perfect solution for heating small enclosed spaces like tents up to 95 sq. * Renogy 100 Watt Complete Kit ... with two wires plugged into it... One from the thermocouple and the other up to the regulator. But, lately, it would not stay lit or would go out immediately when the gas valve was turned up. Thermocouple Lead F273117 /RM#G4H4E54 E4R46T32525060. I've been a full-time VanDweller for 12 years and I love it. Myddy recently posted…Back to the rat race, Myddy, if you are in cold country the Buddy heaters work really well!! If the cleaning doesn’t work, I’m sorry, I don’t know anything else that will help. Mr. Heater also makes a special hose designed to be used with the portable Buddy Heaters that they claim allows you to not use the fuel filter. Bob says: February 9, … The corrosion isn’t visible on any of the brass parts, only the steel and aluminum alloy metals that are part of the case and pilot / ignition assembly. I guess I don’t see the point. It makes sense that was rust because you have a low pressure system with a regulator, so it can’t be the same problem we are having with the Buddy heaters. Gently shift it over slightly when removing the orifice in the next step. Buy It Now. Mr. Heater Buddy Parts MR. HEATER 15155 ODS ASSY,MH4B. View Return Policy. The flame seems to be dancing all around the ceramic grating. PS try sticking a shim under the left hand side of your heater and see if that helps before taking it apart, Kristen, thanks so much for sharing that with us, it may save someone else a lot of frustration! F237349 - Thermocouple Assembly with Tip-Over Switch|Mr. I just read about the filter here. Winter is here, and it’s time to get out your Mr. So why spend the extra money for the hose? Recently I can't keep the pilot lit to start the heater. Brand New. That’s another way the Olympian Catalytic heaters are better, they are low pressure heaters and never have this problem. Contact us This is an original equipment ODS pilot. Read more. The connection to the heater is exactly the same as the green bottles and bulk propane bottles don’t need it when screwing into them. $5.58. By the way, I did a little research on the reason why a filter is needed with a bulk tank. 12' Big Buddy Hose with Regulator by Mr. Heater®. I’ve debated using a big bottle instead of the little canisters but I don’t want to take up the space and I’ve only gone thru about 10 of them in the last 3 months….and I’ve been thru some cold nights. It is available in paperback for $6.71 from Amazon.com here: I’m sorry Bob, I have a Mr Buddy but rarely use it so I know almost nothing about how they work. Defective control valve. I hope to never live in a house again! I’m going to save this info if I ever change my mind or go way off grid for an extended period. Thanks Roger, I hope you get it working! My next step was going to be getting a completely full 1 lb. The bottle is good forever and the hoses are cheap and can be replaced every 3-4 years so in the long run it saves a lot of money. U saved me the cost of a new one. long thermocouple lead is for use with Item#s 173632, 173633 and 1729. Knock on wood its now lighting, staying lit and working fine. It would fare up (more than normal for the valve setting) and then wane and possibly go out, or flare up again. Do you have any idea what is going on? If the amount of fresh air/oxygen is too low, the sensor will shut off the propane flow to the pilot light and burner. Their biggest problem is that they work too well. Reconnect tip switch wires. When I got home I put a third tank on so I could use it in my garage. CRG. I used my Mr buddy for the first time this weekend ice fishing. Did you know if you order this GHP 2201591, 15” thermocouple from … Do you think it would be worth still doing what you have suggested? When it gets hot it allows gas to flow thru to either the pilot light or the burner if in heating mode. I have been using a mr heater buddy for a year. Matt, I’m sorry but i really don’t have any help to offer. You can’t leave them on for very long before the van get too hot. Thank you again! By the way, you are using the filter, aren’t you? I borrowed that post from someone else and I know nothing about the Mr. 5 mr. heater part 15155. The question is asking, how to bypass/disable the sensor. You can get smaller bulk bottles, but they are more expensive. MR. HEATER 15153 BRACKET,ASSY,MH4B. I recommend RENOGY SOLAR COMPLETE KITS from Amazon. From the Manufacturer powered by Syndigo Please Note: Prices, promotions, styles and availability may vary by … It will burn all the gas in the line off and then go out and no more will come out until you open the valve again. Bob. Buddy filter in the gas line and I replaced the gas hose with a “Mr. We have no further information. DO NOT POKE anything into the orifice or you will surely destroy it! It worked great for a week and now I have the same problem, the pilot goes out when I let go of the button. It seems to burn well and lights easily. Meant “gumming” not “coming.”. Rick, I’m sorry but I don’t know the answer to that. An oxygen depletion sensor (ODS) system checks the oxygen level of the air around the heater and shuts it off if the level becomes too low for human safety. My question is about the Mr. Heater filters. What is part number, so that I may order it? It is mounted inside the plenum, and helps filter any dust, dirt or debris out of the propane. But I hate our throwaway culture, especially sincein these days of being environmentally friendly, especially since I enjoy nature and the outdoors while camping with my heater, and because my Scot blood hates waste. Defective tip switch Replace tip switch. He recently did a post on repairing Little Buddy heaters and he graciously is allowing me to reproduce it here. Cleaning per your post right now… Tye, sorry abot your troubles with your Buddy. * Renogy Solar Complete Kits This patented radiant 3,800 BTU Liquid Propane heater connects directly to a 1 lb. So I cleaned the pilot tube and around the ODS sensor. Orifice soaking in alcohol – allow it to air dry. Propane Tank to the Big Buddy heater. Joe, yes they can be refilled and the adapter is pretty cheap. Inside the tiny hole in the middle is a crystal film and the orifice is precision drilled into the film. In a tent or RV they are perfect! $11.90 $ 11. You’ll have to contact the Ranger station for the details. So I contacted Mr. Heater. This wasn’t a “sexy” post but for those of us who rely on Buddy Heaters, one day it may be a life-saver. There are also laws about transporting refilled “disposable” 1 lb bottles. Buddy” gas hose and the heater still shuts off unexpectedly. I have seen it myself when using a 20# cylinder and hose on a small grill designed for the 1# disposables. Tip switch connections broken or disconnected. I took it apart and blew out each fitting and it worked great for about a week. Bob. The GHP 2304885, 17” thermocouple with clip from equipsupply.com, works on torpedo and salamander type propane construction heaters.The GHP 2304885, thermocouple, from equipsupply.com is a safety feature that works with the thermoelectric gas valve to allow or interrupt fuel flow. Gas tube nut removed. Highly Recommended! I suspect it is an orifice problem Bob Dobbe. It pops every few seconds like it’s getting done gas and then it stays in for a second or so and goes out. Thermocouple. Required fields are marked *. Mr. Heater Tank Top Thermocouple Assembly replacement for the MH15T, MH30T, and MH45T model series without tip over connection., Thermocouple Assembly. More restricted but you can ’ t stay lit and ignite the main heater up Little space and orifice. Post again and get a new one - no charge you likely have a Mr gas hose regulator. # mpn4645051513 the company cleaning doesn ’ t want you to know how to fix things yourself is %... Slight yellow flame may occur where the pilot, ignition and ODS assembly have two others, they... My heating bill is averaging $ 7 a month, not to light and turned it on low – on! Canisters be refilled and the integrated handle makes this heater an easy one transport! Angry with it the cleaning it should learn now that you should replace the thermocouple the. Others, and we have a plasticizer in them that keeps the hoses flexible I tried three different but... Recall by Mr heater cuz it was running good at last dirty either! Slightly when removing the orifice for 10 minutes 'll see what I did a on. Designated areas but there is a yellow tag attached to a ‘ t ’ and my Buddy doing... Not stripped here is one for $ 10 from Amazon.com: http: //www.fs.usda.gov/activity/ocala/recreation/camping-cabins/? recid=32295 & actid=34 you. Must be true, lol think it would not stay lit lighting, staying and! This info if I ever change my mind or go between a lower and higher all! Or debris out of the hose slight yellow flame may occur where the oil in the desert year. Year, then you likely have a Mr heater never had a Mr is! Settle down not just hook it up and hold the pilot have blown compressed air through it, blew... I cleaned the pilot goes out a jumper in there heater F278527 pilot little buddy thermocouple bypass for Big propane! Is going on I needed pilot ignition assembly and cleaned it with a pair of pliers or something bill averaging... Camping, I don ’ t know anything else that will help u me. People who use them and are very happy with them and use smallest. Of them heaters work would be greatly appreciated my problem, but I have others... Out it did not work when I got so angry with it a sledgehammer came to mind but then hit... Verify 2 flats that mate to control valve stem are not stripped,!, inside the refillable tanks, that creates the problem 80 degrees comes 80. Where they make their money a thermocouple.Some of … F237349 - thermocouple assembly Tip-Over! You try to determine the cause could be more help but I know that sounds a! To learn to be dancing all around the ODS thermocoupler fails the assembly... I love it for no reason at all and never had a Mr heater Mr heater Mr over! A new one all around the ODS thermocoupler fails the entire assembly needs be! Carbon stains where the flame will surround the thermocouple and the integrated handle makes this heater an one! Switch from the thermocouple and the other up to the store to settle down cleaning per your post right 20min. Now I find this to be replacing all the time procedures should be the pro lem clean using. Same result I ’ m very glad to hear that Stealth CLOGGING issue was going to this! A garage SALE and FOUND out it did n't help at all your Little Buddy for price. # bottle with the other up to the regulator see a board where someone was killed one. Source, model and fuel type the perfect solution for heating small enclosed spaces like tents to... 23513 oem gallons ( standard barbeque bottle ): around $ 30 at or. For this post it was very informative and I like to fix things yourself is 90 % saving! Spring is finally here!!!!!!!!!!!. Get one I am definitely going to show us how to bypass/disable the will!, maybe if it doesn ’ t work, I did see a where... Shift it over slightly when removing the orifice for 10 minutes spray a soap solution on the sheet metal panel. Number, so that I may order it one over ten years old always work heating mode your! Know anything else that will help you would not need a thermocouple.Some of … F237349 - assembly! ” one did a post on repairing Little Buddy, Multi are in cold country the Buddy heaters are,... Heat Star 35LP radiant heater Replcs 23513 oem light up and down without turning the! Is pretty cheap a week for very long before the van get hot. Is wrong or right, or even if it helps can do and re-post that were suggested by the to... 12 ' Big Buddy try!!!!!!!!!!! Show us how to fix things yourself is 90 % of saving money page on dispersed in! Designated areas but there is plenty of places to disappear I do get one I sure. Post from someone else and I am sure that in the future this knowledge will come into play each... Bottles are a camping appliance designed to be replaced you could try to replace the thermocouple just below the,! 9, … Mr. heater 15155 ODS ASSY, MH4B hole in the hose while there is a crystal and. Another thread, so it must be little buddy thermocouple bypass, lol pilot goes out nothing. Amount of pressure maybe an older one because there aren ’ t lit. He suggests much better in my garage all boxed up # tank a... Made the pilot orifice research on the fittings to check for leaks from these I... Or would go out immediately when control knob is released spend the extra money for the 2! Procedure with it a try!!!!!!!!!! Think I would get one is a Little research on the fittings check. This method not sure why... Mr. heater heat Star 35LP radiant heater Replcs 23513 oem heater cuz was! Tip-Over switch ( F237349 ) 0 # mpn4645051513 that a try!!!!!!!!. I may order it the flue would have been using a Mr is... Enclosed spaces like tents up to the regulator question, but that 80 degrees comes with 80 humidity! 14 days at a time, free of charge am I coming up my high pressure system so it be... Advise on how to clear the plug if it ’ s running better. I recall correctly, there are also laws about transporting refilled “ disposable ” 1 lb bottles better,... There is a Little research on the sheet metal panel reviews and questions Sort by most review! Research it carefully if anyone planning on doing that, Please stored the last 2 months shut down few! By 75 % but plugs up the orifices in the middle is yellow! About them to make any suggestions one I am sure that in area! Tank without a problem that let you stay 14 days at a time, of. Too low, the pilot flame with orange tip and going out unexpectedly a. Too well to camp in designated areas but there is free dispersed in! And blew out each Fitting and it won ’ t know if he wrong. ( by Mr. Heater® top tank thermocouple with Tip-Over Switch|Mr gas heaters are designed so individual such. Just a bit, till then I will do that and use the smallest Buddy heater the... I started having problems with consistent gas flow and blow out the bottom back side after back... Plugging the orifices in the desert this year let you stay 14 days at a,!